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World Coins L-M

8 reales 1745 MO MF VF+ Phillip V. 1745 Mexico City Mint MF. small delamination on obverse. KM-103. nice $400  
8 reales 1759 MO MM VF+ Ferdinand VI. 1759 Mexico City Mint MM. chop mark. hole at 12:00 has been repaired. KM-104.2 $200  
8 reales 1761 MO MM VF+ Charles III. 1761. Mexico City Mint MM. Cross between H and I. KM-105. nice $350  
8 reales 1770 MO MF EF Charles III. Mexico City Mint MF. nice $350  
8 reales 1783MO FF Genuine 18th Century Shipwreck Coin: El Cazador. On January 11, 1784, the Spanish warship El Cazador set sail from Vera Cruz, Mexico with a cargo of more than 400,000 8-reales silver dollars from the Mexico City Mint. Spain's Louisiana territory was in a financial crisis, so the Spanish King Carles III ordered the coins to be taken to New Orleans to help shore up the economy. En route to New Orleans, the El Cazador encountered a violent storm and sank to the bottom of the sea. The loss of the treasure had significant historical implications. Without the influx of the silver coins, the economy of the Spanish colonies continued to flounder. The Spanish king was ultimately forced to sell the Louisiana territory to France in 1800. Three years later, France sold the land to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase, which proved to be one of the greatest land deals in history. The Louisiana Purchase almost doubled the size of the United States and allowed the U.S. to expand westward to the Rocky Mountains. Widely recognized as America's first silver dollar, it was also known as a piece of eight. Spanish American coins circulated throughout the U.S. and remained legal tender in the U.S. until 1857. The value, size and weight of the U.S. silver dollar was based on the Spanish 8-reales coin. Comes in a deluxe case. Graded by NGC as Genuine. $500  
1/8 real 1859 G State of Zacatecas. KM-338 $5  
8 reales 1809 MO TH VF Ferdinand VII. 1809 Mexico City Mint TH. KM-110. nice $100  
Sold 8 reales 1886 F mint mark Go.
1886/76 RR

8 reales 1891 Go RS EF+ Guanajuato Mint (GO). RS. a nice coin. KM-377.8. $75  
5 centavos 1958 Unc KM-426 $2  
10 centavos 1902 MO EF KM-404.2. Mexico City Mint. silver $11  
10 centavos 1934 VF+ KM-431. silver $5  
10 centavos 1935 MO EF-40 ICCS graded. nice $35  
1 peso 1899 JQ VF Culiacan Mint. KM-409. reverse solder $50  
1 peso 1903 EF Mexico City Mint. gold peso. .0476 AGW. nice $100  
2 pesos 1945 Unc Mexico City Mint. gold 2 pesos. .0482 AGW. KM-461. a beauty $115  
2 1/2 pesos 1945 BU Mexico City Mint. gold 2 1/2 pesos. .0602 AGW. KM-463. nice $145  
50 pesos 1921 AU KM-481. 50 gold pesos. issued in 1921 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Independence. 1.2057 AGW. a nice example. only 180,000 minted $2400  
100 pesos 1985 Proof KM-505. World Cup. in case of issue $20  
5000 pesos 1988 VF+ KM-531. 50th anniversary of the nationalization of the petroleum industry $5  
Libertad 1982 BU Troy ounce of silver Libertad. $15  

I have thousands of world coins. I have tended to only buy coins with eye appeal, rather than coins that have ugly designs or are completely worn out or damaged. Since I have thousands of foreign coins for sale, I only have room for a small number of them for sale on-line. If you want to buy coins you don't see on my web site, let me know. I just might have them for sale.

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