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World Coins G-H

1 mil 1866 VF+ KM-3. one-year type $20  
1 cent 1863 Unc Km-4.1. The first coin issued by Hong Kong. Traces of Lustre. Gothic head. nice $250  
1 cent 1865 EF KM-4.1 Gothic nice $43.50  
1 cent 1881 VF+ gothic $32  
1 cent 1901 EF gothic $35  
Sold 1 cent 1902 EF KM-11 $20  
1 cent 1902 Unc KM-11 traces of lustre $69  
1 cent 1903 AU KM-11 trace of red $35  
5 cents 1868 AU KM-5. Lustrous. a beauty $50  
20 cents 1877H AU KM-6.3. Heaton Mint. scarce in high grade $100  
1 dollar 1980 EF KM-43 $1  

I have thousands of world coins. I have tended to only buy coins with eye appeal, rather than coins that have ugly designs or are completely worn out or damaged. Since I have thousands of foreign coins for sale, I only have room for a small number of them for sale on-line. If you want to buy coins you don't see on my web site, let me know. I just might have them for sale.

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