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Coins from Newfoundland are really hot sellers. That's because they have interesting designs, can often be found in nice shape, consist of a small number of coins to complete the collection, and are inexpensive, compared to Canadian decimal coins with similar mintages. Compared to U.S. coins with these low mintages, coins from Newfoundland and the Maritimes are cheap. For example, the mintage of a Newfoundland 1946C 5 cents is only 2,041 pieces. Please note that the majority of Newfoundland's coins have mintages of 100,000 pieces or less.

1938 EF-40 nice $4 $3.50  
1938 AU-55 traces of lustre. nice $17 $15  
1940 VF-20 corrosion $5 $3  
New 1940 EF-40   $20 $18  
1940 AU-50 nice $45 $40  
1940 AU-55 chocolate brown. a nice coin. mintage: 300,000 $75 $70  
1940 MS-60 ICCS graded. Brown. nice for the grade $120 $105  
1940 RE VF-30 ICCS graded. re-engraved date. scarce $140 $125  
1940 RE-4 VF-20 re-engraved 4. scarce $10 $9  
1941c EF-40 nice $3 $2.50  
1941c AU-50 nice $10 $9  
1941c WD AU-50 Wide Date variety $10 $9  
1941c ND MS-60 Narrow Date variety. chocolate brown. a nice coin $30 $27  
1941c MS-63 ICCS. red. tied with 6 others as the highest graded. $300 $275  
1941 RE VF-30 re-engraved date. scarce $75 $65  
1941 Dbl 4 VF-20 ICCS. Doubled 4 variety. very scarce. $100 $90  
1942 VF-20   $1 $1  
1942 dot VF-30 dot to the left and above 1 in date. The first I have seen in 50 years $5 $5  
1942 MS-62 ICCS graded. Red & Brown. nice for the grade $95 $80  
1943c VF-20   $1 $1  
New 1943c EF-40 cleaned $3 $2  
1943c AU-55 traces of lustre present. nice blue toning $17 $15  
1944c VF-30   $32 $27  
1944c DCR EF-45 Die Crack from rim to A in GRA. a nice looking coin $85 $75  
1944c MS-60 ICCS graded. Lustrous Brown. nice for the grade. $300 $275  
1947c F-12   $1.50 $1  
1947c AU-50 Traces of Lustre on both sides. beautiful purple toning $50 $45  
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