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Military Medals-World






Austro-Hungary. Franz Joseph's 50th Anniversary of Reign (1848-1898). Signum Memoriae on reverse (Token of Remembrance). awarded to all members of the Austro-Hungarian armed forces. with correct ribbon Unc $90  
Austria. World War I Commemorative War Medal (Kriegserinnerungs medaille. 1914-1918). Awarded to all soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire during World War 1. Obv: winged eagle with FUR OSTERREICH (For Austria) below. rev: circle of oak leaves with 1914-1918 in centre. Crossed Swords attached to correct ribbon. Issued to all front line troops or anyone wounded in action or taken prisoner. AU $75  
Belgium. World War I. Commemorative Medal of the 1914-1918 War. Established by Royal decree in 1919. Awarded to all members of the Belgian Armed Forces who served during World War I who was eligible for the Inter-Allied Victory medal. triangular-shaped medal with correct ribbon. helmeted soldier in circle with dates 1914 and 1918 in bottom corners. rev: Crown above Medaille Commemorative de la Campaigne 1914-1918 Herinnerings Medaille Van Den Veldtocht. VF $75  
Belgium. World War I. Frontline Service Cross 1914-1918. Large cross with sun, cannon and helmet . rev: Salus Patriae Suprema Lex 1914-1918. Correct ribbon. AU $100  
Belgium. World War I. Croix de Guerre. Established by Royal decree in 1915, the medal was awarded for bravery as well as 3 or more years service on the frontline, or good conduct on the battlefield. It was also awarded to volunteers older than 40 or younger than 16 who served a minimum of 18 months service, to escaped prisoners who rejoined the Armed Forces, or military personnel or those on inactive duty because of injury. AU $100  
Belgium. World War I. Victory Medal. correct ribbon. EF $75  
Belgium. World War I. Yser Medal. On October 16, 1914, German troops attached Belgian outposts east of the Yser River. Belgian troops sustained 60,000 casualties (killed and wounded), 1/3 of their strength. Instituted in 1918, it was awarded to those who fought along the Yser River from October 17-31, 1914. with correct ribbon. beautiful medal EF $125  
Belgium. World War II. Resistance Medal 1940-1945. Established by Royal decree in 1946, awarded to all members of the Belgian Armed Resistance during World War II and to members of the Intelligence Service who operated in occupied territory and participated in combat actions aimed at the liberation of Belgium. correct ribbon. AU $75  
Belgium. World War II. Prisoner of War Medal 1940-1945. obv: large crown above a sword with dates 1940 1945 on either side. rev: watch tower and barbed wire surrounded by linked chains. Established by Royal decree in 1947, was awarded to all members of the Belgian Armed Forces imprisoned by Axis forces during World War II. Unc $125  
Finland. World War II. Commemorative Medal of the Winter War 1939-1940. Obv: soldier in hooded winter uniform sighting a rifle. rev: Kunnia Isanmaa (Honour, Fatherland). Awarded to all participants in the Winter War of November 1939-March 1940 against invading Soviet forces. blackened iron. correct ribbon AU $100  
France. World War I. Croix de Guerre 1914-1918. correct ribbon AU $100  
France. World War I. Commemorative War Medal 1914-1918. rev: Republic Francaise Grande Guerre 1914-1918. correct ribbon EF $100  
France. World War I. Civil Prisoners, Deportees and Hostages of the Great War Medal. correct ribbon EF $75  
France. World War I. Croix de Guerre Theatres d'Operations Exterieors. War Cross for Foreign Operational Theatres. TOE denotes citations earned in combat in foreign countries. French soldiers continued military operations after November 11, 1918 in Syria, Palestine, Constantinople, Morocco, French West Africa and French Equatorial Africa. correct ribbon AU $100  
France. World War I. Combatants Cross 1914-1918. correct ribbon AU $75  
France. World War I. Victory Medal 1914-1918. correct ribbon AU $80  
France. World War II. 1939-1945 Commemorative War Medal. obv: rooster. rev: Republique Francaise Guerre 1939 1945. correct ribbon AU $75  
France. Franco-Prussian War, World War I and II. Escaped Prisoners of War medal. rev: Medaille des Evades. Awarded to soldiers who escaped from Prisoner of War camps and made it back to resume fighting. Originally created in 1926 for World War I, this medal was also awarded to those who served in the Franco-Prussian War and World War II. correct ribbon AU $100  
France. World War II. Resistance Medal 1940-1945. Obverse dated XVIII.VI MCMXL (18 June 1940). rev: Patria Non Immemor (the Country will not forget). Created in 1943 by ordinance of the Comite National Francaise to recognize the remarkable acts of faith and courage which, in France, in Europe and abroad contributed to the resistance of the French peoples against the enemy and his accomplices since 18 June 1940. The date is that of the famous appeal by General Charles de Gaulle to the French people. Only 48,000 medals were awarded by the Commissoin de la Medaille de la Resistance. correct ribbon EF $100  
France. World War II. Combatants Cross 1940-1945. correct ribbon AU $60  
France. North Africa Operations for Security and Order Commemorative Medal. Awarded to members of the French Armed Forces and civil servants under military authority for service in French North Africa in the 1950s and 1960s. Algerie clasp for 90 days service in Algeria between October 31, 1954 and July 1, 1964. correct ribbon Unc $100  
Greece. Medal of Military Merit 1916-1917 4th Class. with correct ribbon. AU $75  
Hungary. World War Commemorative Medal for Combatants 1914-1918. a beautiful medal with the Hungarian coat of arms topped with crown, crossed swords, surrounded by oak leaves. Rev: PRO DEO ET PATRIA (For God and Country) at top with helmet and 1914-1918, with laurel leaves at bottom. silver. correct ribbon AU $75  
India. India Service Medal 1939-1945. rev: map of India with INDIA at top and 1939-1945 at bottom. correct ribbon. AU $60  
Italy. Commemorative Medal for the Italo-Austrian War 1915-1918. correct ribbon VF $100  
Italy. World War I. War for the Unity of Italy 1915-1918 Medal. obv: helmeted King Victor Emanuel III left. Guerra per L'Unita D'Italia 1915 1918. rev: Italian infantry holding shields to support winged Victory. medal is made from captured Austrian cannons. correct ribbon VF $90  
Italy. Ethiopian Campaign 1935-1936. King facing left. VITT EM III D'ITALIA IMP DI ETIOPIA. rev: Fasces in foreground with mountain to right. AFRICA ORIENTALE MOLTE NEMICI MOLTO ONORE. issued to Armed Forces during the invasion of Ethiopia from October 1935 to May 1936. correct ribbon EF $150  
Italy. World War II. MERITO DI GUERRA. War Merit Cross (Army). Awarded to members of the Armed Forces with a minimum of 1 year service in combat with the enemy who received the medal of the wounded, or to those who, when mentioned for war merit, received a promotion. Also awarded to those whose act of valor was deemed insufficient for the Medal of Military Valour, the War Merit Cross was awarded instead. correct ribbon AU $110  
Poland. Medal for Participation in the Battle of Berlin. Awarded to the surviving members of the Polish People's Army who directly participated in the Battle of Berlin, April/May 1945. 38mm with correct ribbon. AU $100  
South Africa. Africa Service Medal 1939-1945. silver. Cape Corps. awarded to C167499 M.J. Saban. correct ribbon AU $75  
Soviet Union. World War II. Russian Liberation of Warsaw Medal. correct ribbon AU $75  
Spain. Civil War. 1936-1939 Campaign medal. Black lion seated on defeated dragon with hammer and sickle (emblematic of Communism) with 2 gold crossed swords. 17 JVLIO 1936. Rev: gold eagle left above Spanish shield with 5 falange arrows at right. cipher: GENERALISMO FRANCISO FRANCO GRANDE LIBRE IMPERIAL ML HSP GLORIA. Established in 1937, the medal was awarded to front line Falangist forces fighting against the Republic in the Spanish Civil War. Dated July 17, 1936, it marks the beginning of the armed rebellion by Franco against the elected Republican government. has correct vanguard ribbon, bar and hanger. One of the nicest looking military medals I have ever seen. Comes in its original box of issue. Unc $150  
Spain. Civil War. Cuerpo de Damas Auxiliars de Sanidad Militar. Issued to nurses. FRANCO bar with 2 CONSTANCIA clasps, each one representing 300 or more days of service at the front line or in hospitals of the vanguard. Constancia translates as For Perseverance. Attractive and rare, especially with 2 Constancia clasps. AU $250  
Spain. Civil War. Falange pin. 5 crossed arrows. Series M on reverse along with serial number AU $20  


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