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837-855 gVF Archbishops of York. Archbishop Wigmund. AR stycas Phase II. Moneyer: Edilveard. Spink-870 $250  
849-850 EF Aethelred II. King of Northumbria. Second Reign. AE Styca Phase II. rev: Eardwulf. S-868. nice $200  
858-862 EF/gVF Aethelred II. AE Sceat. S-864 nice $175  
1016-1035 gVF Cnut. AR penny. York Mint. Diademed and cuirassed bust left, holding scepter before. rev: short voided cross, annulet in centre. North-790. S-1159. lightly toned. beautiful $950  
1016- 1035 EF Cnut. Helmeted bust left. EADPOLD ON LUN. AR penny. 1.01 grams. S-1158. near mint state. $1000  
1066-1087 gVF William I. penny. ALEIFON EFERPIC (York). PAX reverse. Spink-1257 $1000  
1172-1185 VF+ Richard Coeur de Lion. denier. struck at Bordeaux when Aquitaine was still ruled by Richard. silver. $350  
1199-1216 gVF John. silver penny. London Mint. S-1351. $300  
1199-1216 gF John. Short Cross penny. Moneyer: Nicole. London Mint. Spink-1353 6a $250  
1216-1272 gVF Henry III. silver penny. Willem on Cant. Class Vb. S-1368 $125  
1272-1307 VF Edward I. silver penny. Class 2a. London. S-1385 $125  
1272-1307 gF Edward I. penny. Second Coinage. London Mint. Seaby-833 $100  
1272-1307 gF Edward I. penny. London Mint. Spink-1402 6b. clipped $150  
1272-1307 gF Edward I. penny. London Mint. EDWR. Spink-1409B $60  
1272-1307 gF Edward I. penny. London Mint. Spink-1410 $60  
1302-1310 VF Edward I. penny. Bishop Bec. Durham Mint. Spink-1423 $100  
1327-1377 gF Edward III. Half Groat. London Mint. Spink-1620. clipped $150  
1352-1353 gF Edward III. penny. Spink-1585 $100  
1461-1483 gVF Edward IV. silver groat. planchet flaw. $250  
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