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AE 20 2nd-1st Century BC F Pontus under Roman rule. Amisos Mint. Ares right. rev: Sword in sheath. $30  
AR denarius 140 BC gF C. Valerius C.f. Flaccus. Roma right with X behind. rev: Victory in biga. Sear-104 $125  
AR denarius 137 BC gVF M. Baebius Q.f. Thampilus. Roma left. X below chin. rev: Apollo in quadriga right, holding laurel-branch, bow and arrow. This innovative coin has Roma's head turned in the opposite direction, while Apollo makes his first appearance on a Roman denarius. Sear-113 $300  
AR denarius 136 BC gVF Cn. Lucretius Trio. Roma right. X below chin. rev: Dioscuri galloping right. CN LVCR below, Roma in exergue. Sear-114 $250  
AR denarius 136 BC gVF/VF L. Antestius Gragulus. $200  
AR denarius 130 BC VF M. Vargunteius. Roma right. rev: Jupiter in quadriga right. Sear-133 $150  
AR denarius 129 BC gVF/gF Q. Marcius Philippus. $175  
AR denarius 122 BC VF Q. Minucius Rufus. $175  
AR denarius 119 BC gVG M. Furius, L.F. Philus. RSC-Furia 18; S-156 $75  
AR denarius 115-114 BC gF/VF M. Cipius. Roma head r/Victory in biga r. rudder below. well centered. Syd-546. S-184. $60  
AR denarius 103 BC VG L. Julius L.F. Caesar. RSC-Julia 4a; S-198. 2 obv. bankers' marks $75  
AR denarius 100BC VF P. Servilius M.F. Rullus. Minerva left wearing cested helmet and aegis, RVLLI behind. Victory in Biga right holding palm, P below horses. P SERVILI M F in exergue. S-207. 4.02gr $450  
AR denarius 103 BC VF C. Fundanius. quadriga. RSC-Fundania 1; S-204. $150  
AR denarius 90 BC gVF L. Calpurnius Piso Furgi. obv. Apollo right. rev. horseman galloping right. 3.77gr. RSC Calpurnia-11 $225  
AR denarius 85 BC gVF L. Julius Bursio. Male head right. composite of Apollo (laurel wreath), Mercury (wing on head) and Neptune (trident). rev. Victory driving a biga right. 3.77 gr. RSC Julia-5. $225  
AR denarius 83 BC aVF/gF C. Licinius Macer. $150  
AR denarius 68 BC VF C. Hosidius C.f. Geta. Diana right, bow and quiver over shoulder, GETA before. rev: wild boar right, attacked by hound, pierced in shoulder by spear. Sear-346 $150  
AR denarius 46 BC VF T. Carisius. RSC-Carisia 3; S-450. off-struck with weak areas. $125  
AR denarius 49 BC VF Julius Caesar. traveling mint in Gaul. Obv: elephant walking right, trampling on dragon. Caesar below. Rev: No legend. simpulum, sprinkler, axe and apex, priestly emblems of the pontificate. 3.74 grams. Crawford 443/1. RSC 9. $1500  
AR denarius 47 BC VF Julius Caesar. Sicilian mint. Obv: C CAESAR IMP COS ITER. Diademed and draped bust of Venus to right. Rev: ALLIENVS PRO COS. Trinacrus standing left, foot resting on prow, holding triskeles. Crawford 457/1. HCRI 54. Sydenham 1022. RSC 1. 3.54 grams. Rare. $10,000  
AR denarius 47-46 BC VF Julius Caesar. North Africa. Venus right. rev: CAESAR. Aeneas moving left, head facing, holding Palladium and bearing his father Anchises on left shoulder. RRC-458/1. CRI 55. BMCRR East 31. RSC 12. RCV 1402. minted in North Africa 47-46 BC. $600  
AR denarius 43 BC gVF Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. 19mm. 3.2 gr. Military mint travelling with Antony in Cisalpine, Gaul. Obv: M. ANTON. IMP. R.P.C. bare head of Mark Antony right; lituus behind. Rev: CAESAR DIC before, bare head of Julius Caesare right, capis behind. Crawford 488/2. CRI 123. Sydenham 1166. RSC 3. wonderful deep gray cabinet toning. struck on large flan. Well centered for the type. Rare as such. $4000  
AR denarius 32-31 BC gF Mark Antony. galley right. mast with banners and prow. ANT AVG III VIR R P C. rev: legionary eagle between two standards. LEG XI (Legion ll) below. S-1479. Craw-544/25. SYD-1229. B-39. $600  
AR denarius 32-31 BC EF Mark Antony. praetorian galley sailing right, mast with banners and prow. ANT AVG III VIR R P C. rev: legionary eagle between two standards. LEG VI (Legion 11) below. $950  
AE sestertius or dupondius 38 BC gF Octavian & Julius Caesar. obv: CAESAR DIVI F. bare head of Octavian right. Rev: DIVOS IVLIVS. wreathed head of Caesar right. Southern Italian mint. Crawford 535/1. CRI 308. RCV 1569. Rare $1200  
AR denarius 30-29 BC gF Octavian. No legend. laur. head of Octavian, as Apollo right. Rev: IMP CAESAR, statue of Octavian standing facing, holding spear and parazonium, on rostral column decorated with anchors and beaks of galleys. The column was erected in the forum in honour of his triple triumph. RIC 271. RSC-124. DVM-30. RCV-1559. $350  
Copper As 10 BC VF Augustus right. CAESAR PONT MAX. rev: altar at Lugdonum. ROM ET AVG. RIC-230. Sear-1690. nice $500  
AR denarius AD 4-19 gVF - aEF Germanicus. very bold portraits. Obv: head of Germanicus. Rev: head of Augustus. RSC-2. Rare $1500  
AE Sestertius AD10-14 G but holed Augustus. Lugdunese series. Obv. Laureate bust right, partial legend. Rev. Altar at Lugdunum etc. ROMA ET AUG below. RIC-231a. S-1657. has 4mm hole at top. Rare. $500  
AE As AD37-41 VF Caligula. Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus. C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS PON M TR POT. emperor facing left, bare-headed. Rev: VESTA SC. Vesta seated facing left, holding patera and sceptre. RIC 38. BMCRE 46. CBN 54. C 27. Rome mint. issued 37-38 $500  
AE As AD37-41 EF/VF Caligula. S-1803. 10.59 gm. scarce $800  
AR denarius AD41- 54 gVF Claudius. Obv: bust right. rev: SPQR PP OBCS within oak wreath reads "The Senate and the Roman People dedicate this wreath to Claudius, the Father of his Country because he has saved the lives of his fellow citizens." Very Rare. $3000  
AR denarius AD54-68 VF/gF Nero. S-1945. 3.34 gm. scarce $600  
Billon tetradrachm AD65-66 VF Nero. Roman Egypt. LIB (Year 12). Minted in Alexandria 65-66AD. Obv: NERW KLAU KAIS SEB GER, radiate bust of Nero right, wearing aegis. rev: AUTO-KRA, bust of Alexandria right, wearing elephant head headdress. Sear-2004 $100  
Billon tetradrachm AD54-69 VF/aVF Nero. Roman Egypt. year 13. AD-66. M-273-276. S-2009 var. $350  
AE Dupondius AD67 gF Nero. Lugdunum Mint. 11.94 gms. Obv. Laureate bust right. Rev. Securitas enthroned right etc. RIC-596, S-1968 same style but facing right. $450  
AE AS AD54-68 gF Nero. Lugdunum Mint. Obv. Bare head right. Rev. Victory with shield. SC. RIC-543. $300  
AE AS AD54-68 VF corrosion Nero. Lugdunum Mint. Obv. Bare head right. Rev. Victory with Shield. SC. RIC-543. some corrosion $300  
AR denarius 72-73 F Vespasian. Rome Mint. rev: AVGR TRI POT. simpulum, sprinkler jub and lituus. Sear-2282 $125  
AR denarius AD74 EF/VF Vespasian. Rome. RSC-362. S-2299. 3.03 gr. nice $225  
AR denarius AD77-78 nice VF Titus, Caesar. S-2439. 3.44 gr. $300  
AR denarius AD-76 gVF/VF Domitian, as Caesar under Vespasian. RSC-47. S-2637. 3.41 gr $175  
AR denarius AD81-96 gVF Domitian. RSC-252. $200  
AR denarius AD81-91 EF Domitian. Rome RSC-271. $250  
AR tetradrachm 103-111 VF Trajan. Minted at Tyre, Phoenicia. Dated COS 5. Obv: AVTOKP KAIC NEP TPAIANOC CEB GERM DAK, laureate head of Trajan right, club and eagle below. rev: DHMAPC EX IC YPAT, alureate bust of Melqart right, dramped in lionskin knotted at neck. BMC-14. $150  
AR denarius 117 VF Trajan. Rome Mint. rev: PROVID in field. PARTHICO P M TR P COS VI P P S P Q R. Providentia standing left, resting on column, her right hand extended over globe at her feet and holding sceptre in left. Sear-3154 $150  
AE Sestertius AD116 F Trajan. Rome Mint. rev: Providentia stg l, pointing at globe at feet, holding scepter, arm resting on column. Sear-3189. corrosion $150  
AR denarius AD117-137 EF Hadrian. Sear-3521. 2.79 gr. $275  
AR denarius AD125 gVF Hadrian. Rome. RSC-374a. S-3477. 3.22 gr. $200  
AR denarius AD-117-138 VF Hadrian. S-3539 $125  
Sestertius 134 VF corrosion Hadrian. Rome Mint. Hadrian right. rev: FORTVNAE REDVCI S C. Hadrian standing right, holding scroll, clasping right hands with Fortuna stanind left, holding cornucopiae and resting left arm on rudder. Sear-3601 $400  
AE Sestertius 135 VG Hadrian. Rome Mint. Hadrian right. rev: Pax stg l, holding olive branch and cornucopiae. Sear-3614. $100  

AE Sestertius

AD 117-138 VF Hadrian. Rome Mint 124-128 AD. Hadrian right. rev: Hadrian on horseback left. River Patina. EXPED AVG below. RIC 645. Scarce. $500  
AR denarius 138-161 VF Antonius Pius. rev: TR POT XIX COS IIII. Annona enthroned right, holding cornucopiae in both hands, modius at feet. Sear-4124 $150  
AR denarius AD145-175 VF Faustina Jr. RIC-111. S-497. 3.03 gr $80  
AR denarius AD175 gVF/VF Marcus Aurelius. RSC-917. $175  
AR denarius AD168 EF Marcus Aurelius as Augustus. RSC-899; S-4936. $300  
dupondius AD173 VF Marcus Aurelius. Rome Mint. rev: VICT GERMA IMP VI COS III S C in 5 lines within laurel-wreath. Sear-5053 $250  
AR denarius AD177 VF Marcus Aurelius. Rome Mint. 3.11 gr. S-4943. RSC-944 $100  
AR denarius AD184-185 VF Commodus. Rome. S-5636. $90  
AR denarius AD198 VF Septimius Severus. rev: Victory flying left near round shield. This reverse celebrates the Roman defeat of the Parthians in 198. DVM-10 $100  
AR denarius AD198 gVF Septimius Severus. rev: Victory over Parthia in 198. DVM-95 $100  
AR denarius AD198 gVF Septimius Severus. rev: ANNONAE AVGG. Annona standing left, right foot on prow, holding corn-ears and cornucopiae. Laodicea Mint. Sear-6262 $100  
AR denarius AD201 VF Septimius Severus. rev: RESTITVTOR VRBIS. Severus, n military attire, standing left, sacrificing over tripod-altar and holding spear. Rome Mint. Sear-6357 $100  
AR denarius AD206 VF Septimius Severus. rev: P M TR P XIIII COS III P P. Annona or Abundantia standing left, holding corn-ears and cornucopiae, modius at feet. Rome Mint. Sear-6338 $100  
AE 18 198-217 VF Caracalla. Pamphylia. Perga. $75  
AE-29 AD198-217 VF/F Caracalla. Laureate & cuirassed bust right. rev. Young Hercules standing, head left, holding club and lion skin. Thrace. $110  
AR tetradrachm AD198-217 EF Caracalla right. rev. eagle. struck in Roman Syria. like S-1990 but has star between the eagle's legs. $250  
AR den. AD199 EF/gVF Geta. Rome. S-7184. $150  
AR denarius AD199 gVF Geta as Caesar. rev: SPEI PERPETVAE. Spes advancing, holding flower and lifting skirt. Sear-7202. Laodicea Mint $175  
AR denarius AD201 gVF Geta and Caesar. rev: PRINC IVVENT. Geta standing left, holding branch and spear. Sear-7194. Rome Mnt. Sear-7194 $150  
AR denarius AD199 gVF Julia Domna. (wife of Severus, mother of Caracalla and Geta). rev: VENVS FELIX. Venus standing left, holding apple and sceptre. Laodicea Mint. Sear-6609 $150  
AR denarius AD201 EF Julia Domna. rev: SAECVLI FELICITAS. Isis standing right, left foot on prow, nursing infant Horus held at her breast, rudder resting against altar behind. Rome Mint. Sear-6606 $200  
AR denarius AD202 gVF Sept. Severus. 3.31gr. S-1767. RSC-373. $150  
AR denarius AD203 gVF Plautilla (wife of Caracalla). rev: PIETAS AVGG. Pietas holding child. Rome Mint. Sear-7072 $150  
AR denarius AD201 EF Caracalla. rev: PART MAX PONT TR P IIII. two captives seated back to back at foot of trophy. Rome Mint. Sear-6853 $150  
AR denarius AD202 gVF Caracalla. rev: CONCORDIA FELIX. marriage of Caracalla and Plautilla standing, facing each other, clasping right hands. Rome Mint. Sear-6794 $150  
AR denarius AD204 EF Caracalla. rev: VICT PART MAX. Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm. Rome Mint. Sear-6895 $150  
AR denarius AD209 gVF Caracalla. Rome. S-6817 $100  
AR denarius AD213 EF Caracalla. rev: P M TR P XVI COS IIII PP. Hercules standing, facing, head left, holding branch and club with lion's skin. Rome Mint. Sear-6828 $150  
AR denarius AD214 EF Caracalla. rev: P M TR P XVII COS IIII P P. Apollo seated left, holding laurel-branch and resting left arm on lyre set on tripod. Rome Mint. Sear-6831 $150  
AR tetradrachm AD214-215 gVF/VF Roman Syria. Caracalla. Antioch Mint. Prier-217. $300  
AR denarius AD211 gVF/VF Julia Domna. S-6603. $75  
AR denarius AD215 gVF Caracalla. rev: Sol standng, hand raised, holding globe in left. Rome Mint. Sear-6839 $125  
AR denarius AD217 gVF/VF Caracalla. Rome. S-6846. $75  
AR denarius AD217 EF Caracalla. rev: VENVS VICTRIX. Venus standing left, holding Victory and sceptre and resting on shield set on helmet. Rome Mint. Sear-6890 $150  
AR denarius 198-217 EF Caracalla. rev: LIBERALITAS AVG VIII. DVM-43 $150  
AR denarius AD213 Rome gVF Julia Domna. S-7108 3.56 gr $100  
AR anton. AD218-222 gVF/VF Elegabulus. S-2089. well centered. $175  
AR denarius AD218-222 EF Elagabalus. $100  
AR denarius AD218-219 EF Elagabalus. Antioch. S-7505. 2.79 gr $150  
AR denarius AD219 gVF Elababalus. rev: P M TR P II COS II P P. Fortuna enthrone left, holding rudder on globe and cornucopiae, wheel below seat. Rome Mint. Sear-7529 $100  
AR denarius AD219 gVF Elagabalus. Rome. RIC-149. S-7551. 3.21 gr $80  
AR denarius AD220-221 gVF Elagabalus. rev: ABUNDANTIA AVG. Abundantia standing left, emptying cornucopiae held with both hands, star in right field. Rome Mint. Sear-7501 $100  
AR denarius AD218-220 gVF+ Julia Maesa. S-7754. 3.16 grams. nice $250  
AR denarius AD218-223 EF Julia Maesa RIC-ivii 254 S-7750. 3.07 gr $150  
AE 20mm 222-235 F Severus Alexander. Ephesus mint. $25  
AE anton. 222-235 VF Severus Alexander. Bithynea under Roman rule. Nicaea. rev: 3 Roman standards $25  
AR denarius AD222 gVF Severus Alexander. rev: MARTI PACIFERO. Mars standing left, holding olive-branch and spear. Rome Mint. Sear-7884 $100  
AR denarius AD224 EF Severus Alexander. Rome. S-7897. $125  
AR denarius AD222-235 Unc Severus Alexander. IMP CM AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG. Rev: PM TR PP IIII COS PP. Mars left with spear and trophy. DVM Obv 01/4. Rev: 38/1. a beautiful coin, well centered. as issued $200  
AR denarius AD222 EF Julia Mamaea. rev: IVNO CONSERVATRIX. Juno standing with peacock at feet. Rome Mint. Sear-8212 $125  
AE sesterius AD224 VF Julia Mamaea. rev: Venus standing right holding sceptre and cupid. S-8232. rough surfaces. $150  
AR denarius AD231 VF Julia Mamaea. Rome Mint. rev: Venus standing with shield at feet. VENVS VICTRIX. S-8216. DVM-9. rough surfaces $100  
AR denarius AD232 EF Severus Alexander. Rome. RIC-ivii2506. S-7922. 2.42 gr $100  
AR denarius AD235-238 EF Maximinus. S-2345. $125  
AR anton. AD238-244 VF Gordian III. IMP GORVIANUS PIUS FEL AVG. rev: LAETITIA AVG N. Laetitia left. DVM-22 $100  
AR denarius AD238 - 244 g/VF Gordian III. Rx: Sol. S-2469 $95  
AR anton. 238-239 gEF Gordian III. rev: VICTORIA AVG. Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm. Rome Mint. Sear-8664 $150  
AR anton. 238-239 EF Gordian III. obv: IMP CAES M ANT GORDIANVS AVG. rev: VIRTVS AVG. Virtus standing left, holding branch & spear, shield resting against foot. Sear-8668. DVM-63. $200  
AR anton. 238-239 VF Gordian III. obv: IMP CAES M ANT GORDIANVS AVG. rev: PROVIDENTIA. Providentia standing left holding globe and transverse sceptre. Sear-8655. $100  
AR anton. AD239 EF Gordian III. Antioch mint. rev: FIDES MILITUM. Fides stdg left, holding standard + cornucopia. RIC-183b. Sear-8610. VM-11 $100  
AR anton. AD243-244 EF Gordian III. Rome mint. Securit Perp. Securitas stdg left, holding sceptre, leaning on column. Sear-8860. VM-50. $100  
AR anton. AD238 - 244 EF Gordian III. S-2437. 4.40 gr. nice. $100  
AR anton. AD238-244 Unc Gordian III. IMP CAES M ANT GORDIANVS AVG. Rev: FIDES MILITVM. Fides standing left holding standard and scepter. DVM Obv 01/2. Rev 10. a beautiful coin, well centered, as issued $300  
AR denarius AD238-244 EF/gVF Gordian III. S-2469. $90  
AR anton. AD244 - 249 EF Philip I. nice $75  
AR anton. AD247 gEF Philip I. rev: AEQVITAS AVG. Aequitas standing left, holding scales and corucopiae. Antioch Mint. Sear-8917 $200  
AE sestertius AD248 gVF Philip I. rev: SAECVLVM NOVVM S C. temple containing seated statue of Roma. Rome Mint. Sear-9015 $400  
AE 8 AD247-249 F+ Philip II. Syria, Seleucis & Peria. Antioch Mint. rev: bust of Tyche. McAlee 1076. cleaned $50  
AR anton. AD244-249 gVF/VF Otacilla Severa. S-2632. $90  
AR anton. AD249-251 gVF Trajanus Decius. nice $90  
AR anton. AD249-251 EF/gVF Trajanus Decius. S-2694. $60  
AR anton. AD249-251 EF/VF Trajanus Decius. $90  
AR anton. AD249-251 EF Trajanus Decius. 3.51gr. S-2701. nice. $100  
AR anton. AD249-251 EF Trajan Decius. IMP C M Q TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG. Rev: ABUNDANCIA AVG. Abundancia standing right. DVM 6/2 $200  
billon tetradrachm AD249-251 gVF Trajan Decius. rev: Eagle standing left, head right, wings open, holding wreath n beak. antioch Mint. Sear-9454 $250  
AR anton. AD250 gEF Trajan Decius. rev: ADVENTVS AVG. Trajan Decius on horseback. Rome Mint. Sear-9366 $150  
AR anton. AD253 gVF Trebonianus Gallus. rev: ANNNA AVGG. Annona standing, left foot on prow, holding rudder and corn-ears. Rome Mint. Sear-9626 $90  
Ar anton. AD254-268 gVF Salonia. (wife of Gallienus). rev: VESTA. Vesta standing left. DVM-53. $100  
AE anton. 253-268 VF Gallienus. rev: PROVID AVG. $30  
AR. anton. AD253-268 gVF Gallienus. RSC-1288a. $75  
AE Anton. AD260-268 F Gallienus. Centaur reverse. DVM-19/1. $25  
AR anton. 253-268 VF Gallienus. IMP CP LIC GALLIENVS AVG. rev: VIRTVS AVGG. Virtus standing left, holding spear, shield at feet. DVM-341 $100  
AR anton. AD257-268 gVF Postumus. ncie. $75  
AR anton. AD259-268 gVF/VF Postumus. 3.13gr. S-3116. RSC-1999. nice $75  
billon anton. AD259-268 EF Postumus. Mars or Venus, naked, standing right, resting on spear and shield. Sear-10998 $75  
billon anton. AD280-281 gEF Postumus. rev: CLEMENTIA TEMP. Probus, in military attire, standing right, holding sceptre and receiving globe from Jupiter standing left, holding sceptre. XXI in exergue. Sear-11960. Antioch Mint 280-281 $75  
AE anton. 268-270 EF Claudius II, Gothicus. IMP CLAUDIVS AVG. Rev: Sol standing, globe in hand. $50  
AE Anton. 270-275 gF Aurelian. IMP C. AVRELIANUS AVG. rev: ORIENS AVG. Sol with 2 captives. Sear-11573 $20  
AE anton. 270-275 VF+ Aurelian. IMP AVRELIANUS AVG. rev: Aurelian and Concordia. CONCORDIA MILITUM. DVM-7. $50  
billon anton. AD269-271 VF Victorinus. IMP C VICTORINVS P F AVG. rev: Salus standing left, feeding snake arising from altar and holding sceptre. Sear-11181. RIC-71. $25  
AE anton. AD277 gEF Probus. rev: MARS VICTOR. officina mark II. Lugdunum Mint. Sear-11992 $100  
billon anton. AD280-281 gEF Probus. rev: RESTITUT ORBIS. female figure standing right, holding wreath n raised right hand, facing Probus, in military attire, standing left, holding globe in extended right hand and sceptre in left. B in field. Antioch Mint. Unlisted variety. similar to Sear-12021. $200  
billon tetradrachm 284-305 VF Diocletian. Eygpt under Roman rule. Alexandria Mint $50  
AE anton. AD284-305 gVF/gF Diocletian. S-3510 $40  
AE anton. AD284-305 VF Diocletian. Post-Reform. S-3540 $25  
AE tetradrachm AD284-305 VF Diocletian. Alexandria Mint. rev: Zeus seated on throne holding Victory. L to left; B to right. $100  
AE Quinarius AD293-296 EF/VF Allectus. QC. Emperor of Britain $225  
AE follis 293-305 EF Galerius as Caesar. rev: GENIO POPVLI ROMANI. Alexandria Mint. DVM-29 $100  
AE follis 305-311 gEF Galerius as Augustus. rev: GENIO AVGVSTI. DVM-27a $100  
AE follis 305-311 EF Galerius as Augustus. rev: GENIO IMPERATORIS. DVM-28a $125  
AE follis 305-311 EF Galerius as Augustus. rev: GENIO IMPERATORIS. DVM-28a. Heraclia Mint $125  
AE follis 305-311 EF Galerius as Augustus. rev: GENIO IMPERATORIS. DVM-28a variation. Heraclia Mint $125  
AE follis 305-311 EF Galerius as Augustus. rev: GENIO POPVLI ROMANI. Genius standing left. Heraclia Mint. DVM-29 $125  
AE follis AD306-312 gVF/VF Maxentius. S-3776 $100  
AE 3 21mm 308-324 VF Licinius. 0/5. IMP LICINIVS PF AVG. rev: GENIO POP ROM. Genius standing left. DVM-21 $40  
AE Follis 25mm 308-324 EF Licinius. 0/5. IMP LICINIVS PF AVG. rev: GENIO POP ROM. Genius standing left. DVM-13 $60  
AE 3/4 330-346 VF Constantine I (the Great). Commemorating Rome and Constantinople. rev: Victory stg left, foot on prow of ship, leaning on shield. DVM-1 $20  
AE 3 307-337 VF Constantine I (the Great). SOL INVICTO COMITE. Sol stg, holding globe. DVM-88 $20  
AE 3/4 307-337 VF Constantine I (the Great). IMP CONSTANTINUS FP AVG. rev: VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP. 2 Victories placing shild on altar. DVM-90 $25  
AE 3/4 307-337 gVF Constantine I (the Great). CONSTANINUS MAX AVG. rev: GLORIA EXERITUS. 2 soldiers stg either side of 1 standard. DVM-94 $25  
AE follis 307-337 gVF Constantine I. Obv: IMP CONSTANTIVS PF AUG. rev: VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP. two Victories placing shield inscribed VOT PR on an altar. DVM-90. nice $75  
AE 3 AD307-337 VF Constantine I (the Great) as Augustus. Obv: CONSTANTINVS AVG. Rev: DN CONSTANTINI MAX AVG; wreath enclosing VOT XX. DVM-79. Corrosion $25  
AE follis AD-308-309 VF

Constantine I (the Great) as Augustorum. Obv: DVM #9: FL VAL CONSTANTINUS FIL AVG. rosette-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev: GENIO FIL AVGG. Genius standing left, head turreted, loins draped, holding patera and cornucopiae. Rare.

AE 3 307-337 gVF Constantine I (the Great). Constantinople mint. rev: PROVIDENTIAE AVGG. DVM-85 $50  
AE 3 AD307 - 337 EF Constantine I. nice $75  
AE 3 AD307 - 337 EF Constantine I. TST VI. nice $100  
AE 3 AD307 - 337 gEF Constantine I. TSA VI. nice $100  
AE 3 reduced folis AD307-337 gVF Constantine I (the Great). London Mint. Sol reverse standing left. nice $120  
AE 3 308-324 VF Licinius. SOLI INVICTO COMITI. Sol. DVM-29 $25  
AE follis AD308-324 EF Licinius I. SMN. S-3798 $85  
AE 17mm 330-346 AD gF Constantine I (the Great). anonymous issue commemorating Rome & Constantinople. Struck by Constantine and his sons to celebrate the foundation of Constantinople as the new capital of the empire, and the traditional position of Rome as the cultural and moral center of the empire. Helmeted bust of Roma. VRBS ROMA. rev: no reverse legend. she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus. DVM-2 variety $25  
AE 3 307-337 gEF Constantine I (the Great). CONSTAN TINUS AVG. rev: DN CONSTANTINI MAX AVG, wreath enclosing VOT XXX. Antioch Mint. AE 3. 18mm. DVM-80. almost as struck. a beauty $150  
AE follis AD309-310 gVF/EF Constantine I (the Great). IMP CONSTANTINVS P F AVG. laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right seen from behind. Rev: SOL INVICTO COMITI. Sol standing left holding globe in left and raising right, F left, T right. PLC in ex. Lugdunum (Lyons) Mint. issued 309-310 AD. AE follis, 22 mm. 3.64 grams. nice. RIC VII 15. nice dark green patina with excellent surfaces $100  
AE follis AD310-313 gVF+ Constantine I (the Great). CONSTANTINVS PF AVG. laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right. Rev: SOLI INVICTO COMITI. Sol standing front, head left, chlamys over left shoulder, raising right hand, holding globe in left. T-F/PTR. RIC VI 873. AE follis, 22 mm. 3.98 grams. Treveri (Trier) Mint. dark green patina with smooth and clean surfaces $100  
AE 3/4 335-337 VF Delmatius as Caesar. rev: GLORIA EXERCITUS. two soldiers with standard. DVM-5 $250  
AE 3 AD317 - 337 EF Constantine II as Caesar. SMTSA. nice $80  
AE 4 316-340 F

Constantine II. rev: GLORIA EXERCITUS. 2 soldiers stg either side of 1 standard. DVM-47

AE 3 AD-337 - 361 gEF Constantius II as Caesar. SMNA. nice $100  
AE 4 324-337 VF Constantius as Caesar. GLORIAEXERCITVS. 2 soldiers either side of 1 standard. DVM-76 $20  
AE 4 337-361 F Constantius II. VOT XX MVLT XXX in wreath. DVM-83 $10  
AE centenionalis 337-361 VF Constantius II. FEL TEMP REPARATIO. Phoenix stg on pyre. DVM-98 $20  
AE Centenionalis 348 AD VF Constantius II. rev: FEL TEMP REPARATIO. roman soldier spearing fallen Persian horseman $50  
AE 3 AD363-364 EF Jovian. S-4086. $125  
AE 3 AD363-364 gVF Jovian. HSIRM. S-4087. $110  
AE 3 364-378 gVF Valens. DN VALENS PF AVG. rev: GLORIA ROMANORUM. Emperor walking right, holding labarum and dragging captive. DVM-46 $40  
AE 3 383-408 gVF Arcadius. DN ARCADIVS PF AVG. re: VIRTVS EXERCITI. Victory crowning emperor. DVM-35 $25  
AE 3 anton. AD393-423 VF Honorius. S-4256. $50  


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