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AE 1/4 vimsatika 321-187 BC F+ Mauryan Empire. Elephant. Mitchner-4290-95 $25  
AR karshapana 321-187 BC VF+ Mauryan Empire. silver. nice. $25  
bronze unit 158-195 AD gF Kushan. Huvishka. King seated facing on dais. Lunar God Mao. $20  
AE 187-75 BC gF Sunga. punch mark. $12.50  
AR drachma 171-160 BC gVF Indo-Greek. King Antimachos on horseback. rev: Nike with palm and wreath. Sear-7546. nice $100  
AR drachma 145-135 BC gVF Baktrian Kingdom. Antialkidas. Sear-7630 $150  
AR tetradrachm 35BC-5AD VF Indo-Scythian. Bactria. Great King Azes II. Azes on horseback right. rev: figure standing. Azes is reputed to be one of the 3 kings who visited baby Jesus in Bethlehem. $75  
billon karshapana 30-107 AD VF+ Maharashtra. Elephant. Gupta 129 $50  
AE 45-78 AD VF Kushana Dynasty. Kadphises I. king with trident, legs apart left. rev: figure with cow $25  
silver drachm 130-290 AD VF Western Satraps head. silver $50  
AE 340 AD gF Nagas of Narwar. Ganapati naga. MA-4739+ $15  
AE 340 AD VF Nagas of Narwar. Ganapati Naga. MA-4739+ $20  
AE 340 AD VF Nagas of Narwar. Ganapati Naga. MA-4746 $8  
AE 340 AD VF+ Nagas of Narwar. Ganapati Naga. MA-4746 $10  
silver drachm 800-1200 AD VF+ Bull and Horseman. nice $50  
silver drachm 1000-1200 AD VF Silaharas of Khankan. nice $75  
AE kahavanu 1200-1202 EF Ceylon. octopus man. Mitchiner-840. nice $50  


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