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Northern Sung Dynasty
T'ien-sheng 1023-1031 F Emperor Jen Tsung. S-484 $7  
T'ien-sheng 1023-1031 VF Emperor Jen Tsung. S-486 $10  
Chung-pao Huang-yu 1049-1053 F+ Ch'ing-li. S-504 $35  
Ch'ing-li Chung-pao 1049-1053 F+ Huang-yu. S-505 $35  
Hsi-ning Yüan-pao 1068-1100 VF Emperor Shên Tsung. S-530 $10  
Hsi-ning chung-pao 1068-1085 VF Emperor Shên Tsung. S-538 $12  
Hsi-ning chung-pao 1068-1085 VF Emperor Shên Tsung. S-542 $10  
Yüan-fêng 1078-1085 gF Emperor Shen Tsung. S-547 $7  
Yüan-fêng 1078-1085 VF Emperor Shen Tsung. S-547 $10  
Yüan-yu 1086-1093 VF Emperor Che Tsung. S-565 $10  
Yüan-yu t'ung-pao 1086-1100 F+ Emperor Chê Tsung. S-575 $8  
Ta-kuan t'ung-pao 1107-1109 VF Ts'ai Ching. S-630 $45  
Hsüan-ho t'ung-pao 1119-1125 F+ Emperor Hui Tsung. S-656 $10  
Hsüan-ho t'ung-pao 1119-1125 VF Emperor Hui Tsung. S-660 $15  





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