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TOKENS - Britain - 19th Century
GREAT BRITAIN 1811. B & B Copper Co. One penny payable at Bristol Swansea & London/Coat of Arms 1811. aG $5  
GREAT BRITAIN 1813 Workhouse Token. One penny. one pound note for 240 tokens. aG $5  
GREAT BRITAIN 1811. Half penny. obv. VINCIT AMOR PATRIAE. rev. Britannia. F+ rim nick $5  
GREAT BRITAIN Essex. Walthamstow. 1813 Halfpenny around lion. Britannia left with wreath around. Seaby-38 VF $10  
GREAT BRITAIN 1811. Norwich MDCCCXI around crest. Newton Silversmith and Jeweller. F+ $5  
GREAT BRITAIN 1814. Britannia left, COMMERCE above, date below. rev: GREAT BRITAIN above figure. F. corrosion $5  
GREAT BRITAIN ND. Obv: man at loom. Rev: PENNY TOKEN. Payable at Jackson & Listers Warehouse Barnsley. Seaby 75-78 gF $5  
GREAT BRITAIN ND. Parthenon Rooms/ 3D Refreshment Ticket. D&W VF $20  
GREAT BRITAIN 1839. Wilsons Confectioners and Bakers Norwich 1839. Norwich Castle above lion VF $20  
GREAT BRITAIN 1839. Middlesex. London. 1839. Tho.s Wright. Grocer, Tea Dealer & Coffee Roaster. obv. Chinaman left. Farthing RCB-Middlesex31 F cleaned $10  
1812. obv. Large Building. Birmingham One Penny. rev. crest. One Pound Note Payable at the Workhouse for 240 Tokens. copper. 36mm. VG $10  
GREAT BRITAIN 1813. Three Pence. Obv. Large Building. Birmingham above, 1813 THREE PENCE below. Rev: Shield. ONE POUND NOTE PAYABLE AT THE WORKHOUSE FOR 80 TOKENS. VG $10  
GREAT BRITAIN Staffordshire. H. Baylis. George III right. Staffordshire 1811 one penny token. Payable by H. Baylis Birmingham W-Hampton and Bilston. Seaby-26 gVF $20  
GREAT BRITAIN Staffordshire. Wednesbury.1812 Half Penny Token. Royal Exchange. Public Accommodation. Sear-117 VF $20  
GREAT BRITAIN Warwickshire. Birmingham. Birmingham and Neath 1811. Crown Copper Company. One Penny. Sear-49 VF $10  
GREAT BRITAIN Yorkshire. Sheffield. Roscoe Place. 1812 half penny token. gVF $20  
The New Birmingham Tokens. In 1894, W. J. Davis designed a series of 21 new tokens. There were only 51 sets struck in bronze. This lot is a partial set of 11 tokens. All are high relief. obv. shows the new City arms, crest, motto and supporters of Birmingham. rev. portrays the principal buildings of the City. bronze. 29mm. sold as a set of 11. AU
scarce in this grade.
The New Birmingham Tokens. Set of 7 tokens dated 1893. sold as a set of 7. AU scarce in this grade $175
GREAT BRITAIN 1838. Scotland. Aberdeen. Wm. Gray's Tea Dealer Green Aberdeen. Obv. Chinaman wearing straw hat sitting on a chest between a jar and a canister. Farthing. RCB-Aberdeen5. Scarce. F scratches on reverse $25  
ND. 1/2d token. Leeds Industrial Co-op Society Limd. Leonard. brass. 8 sided. 18mm. VF $5  
this collection is constantly being updated so please check back frequently
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