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Chou (Zhou) Dynasty
cowrie shell 1122 BC Unc cowrie shell (cypraea moneta) used as money in China beginning in 1122 BC by the Chou (Zhou) Dynasty. $10  
ant nose 600 BC-200 BC F Ant nose money. Attributed to Sun-shu Ao, minister of Ch'u State. used at burials, inserted into the nose to keep out ants. S-15 $30  
one knife 1125-255BC gVF one knife. broken but mended $75  
one knife 1125-255 BC gVF one knife. $100  
Wa-wa before 271 BC F Wa-wa. also called cicada money. 40mm. not listed in Schjöth. $50  
Old Pu Spade ca. 350 BC F Gigantic Old Pu Spade. also called Saddle Money. An-yi currency, value 2. S-2. scarce. usual corrosion $350  
An-Yang Spade 1122-255 BC VF An-Yang spade. S-13-27. $200  
An-Yang Spade c350-255 BC gVF An-Yang square foot spade. 5.45 grams. S-13. $200  
An-Yang Spade c350-255 BC VF An-Yang square foot spade. 7.05 grams. S-27. $200  
Pu Spade 1122-255 BC aVF Ch'eng-yi spade. one ragged edge due to insufficient metal in mold. interesting coin. S-32. $40  
Square Foot Spade   VG+ Xiangping square foot spade. FD-175 $60  
Ying-Ping Spade   F+ Ying-Ping spade. FD-178 $75  





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